Oct. 1st, 2010

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I like that folks have been posting lately. I am just checking in here to say that I am happy these days. I look forward to getting a great production job but I am trying to enjoy this time off as well cause when I get to work that is all I will have time to do. I worked last week for the Movers and LOVED it! Since it is a series once you get into your grove there are days when there just isn't 12 hours of work to do so that leaves a lot of time for surfing the web and it gets boring. So that part I didn't like but oh woe is me... I of course thought I could run laps around the other folks that were working in the office but I always think that and it's my own fault (Michigan) that I am not working there anyway. I have been helping KO and DV work on their flip house. While I am thankful to have had the work I know it is not my calling. It has upped my confidence level to do some work on our house so that is a benefit in addition to the $ and camaraderie of working with KO and Alice.
The Professor is sleeping so sweetly next to me as I type. She is a delight.
My life is super good.
(and my fantasy football team is 3-0!)


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