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Today we went to Miss Bernice's funeral. I cried.
She lived across the street from us for awhile. The morning my Mom fell and broke her legs I was leaving to go Moms house at the same time as her daughter was picking her up to bring her to the hospital. I did not know this at the time but wondered why someone was going to her house so early in the morning and why was someone in my way when I was in such a hurry. I ran into Miss Bernice at the emergency room that morning and a day later found she was a few doors down from my mom and I visited her.
At some point after this I came home one day to find her unloading bags of rocks and spreading them across the front of her driveway with a 2x4. She was tired of the huge mud puddle across the driveway. I went over with a shovel and hard rake to help, not that she needed any assistance. She never liked our neighborhood and more specifically her next door neighbors. I was sad when she moved and missed seeing her but happy that she found a nice place to live where I hear she was happy.
Her daughter works at Dillard and her grand daughter has been a student of the professor. Small world. She died of breast cancer.

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