Jan. 21st, 2009

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My mac is injured and it no longer has insurance.

There is a bad wire or loose connection in the hinge. I can only look at the screen at less than 90 degrees and usually have to hold some pressure on it so that it will light up. Try to use your computer like this, not fun at all. The genius said I could have it fixed for $280. Not a bad deal, but the computer is 3 years old, the battery does not hold a charge and I would be pissed off if I spent the $ then something else went wrong. oh yeah and last night I put in a cd which broke and spit out sharp broken pieces which hit tripolorexpress. She now has schrapnel wounds. I have not tried another cd yet so I don't know if the cd thing still works. I feel like I want to wait to see if I get a J-O-B again on IM to make a decision. If I get a job that will last for 6 months that pays well then I will break down and buy a new bottom of the barrel macbook. Meanwhile using this computer sucks.

It feels wasteful to ditch a three year old computer. Why oh why don't they last longer?.

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