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I did the thing and moved over here. I'm not sure how to connect to folks but I'll poke around a bit to see if I can find anyone.
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Just as I was getting worried about what I was gonna do once this gig ended, what would take me to Mid-July and Michigan...I got not one but two job offers in one afternoon each with a bump up in position and pay! I took the one that lasts till JULY 15th!! It will take me right up to when I leave for festival! I was thinking it might be lean times due to my time restrictions with Michigan. I kept thinking about what job offer it would take to make me cancel going to festival again this year.
I am nervous about the bump up in position. I will have to do travel which I have always dreaded. But I CAN DO IT!!!!! right? I am very nervous.
The other thing is that I will have to leave my current job early but I have everyone's blessing so that's a good thing. So two days of wrap and then I am off to start the new gig. It's really happening and I am getting bumped up and succeeding in this new career. Sometimes I feel like a fraud but I guess I am doing something right cause it's really not the kind of job you just show up to. You are only as good as your last show and folks have to like you to want to hire you again.
I have to say that I have Puma to thank for encouraging me to make this change and for supporting me in every way while doing it. I remember the two of us in a hot tub at festival at the main kitchen and while I don't remember how we got to this conversation but I expressed that I was over the hotel work I was doing and she said that I should find work that I love and that stuck with me.
I am writing this while at work and very excited and nervous and answering the phone and doing other things so I hope it makes sense.


Nov. 13th, 2011 11:07 am
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I am loving all the baby posts and pictures.
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dad is home
today is my last day here in Baton Rouge
i want to sneak out to the store i pass everyday that has many garden pots
i wish i could go watch them open the spillway monday
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started a job in Baton Rouge last week
gave my notice yesterday on my 5th day of work
last day Wednesday
Thursday first day on the Movers working to strike the set since they were not picked up for a fourth season
yesterday my dad went to the hospital, very slow heartbeat
today he got a pace maker
today i bought 4 new tires
looking forward to a nice paying longish not too stressful job with nice people i like and who like me so i can pay for those four new tires
i didn't look at my garden this morning
i usually walk the "field" each morning to check everything out, i hope everything is okay
my office chair makes my butt hurt
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I like that folks have been posting lately. I am just checking in here to say that I am happy these days. I look forward to getting a great production job but I am trying to enjoy this time off as well cause when I get to work that is all I will have time to do. I worked last week for the Movers and LOVED it! Since it is a series once you get into your grove there are days when there just isn't 12 hours of work to do so that leaves a lot of time for surfing the web and it gets boring. So that part I didn't like but oh woe is me... I of course thought I could run laps around the other folks that were working in the office but I always think that and it's my own fault (Michigan) that I am not working there anyway. I have been helping KO and DV work on their flip house. While I am thankful to have had the work I know it is not my calling. It has upped my confidence level to do some work on our house so that is a benefit in addition to the $ and camaraderie of working with KO and Alice.
The Professor is sleeping so sweetly next to me as I type. She is a delight.
My life is super good.
(and my fantasy football team is 3-0!)
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Today we went to Miss Bernice's funeral. I cried.
She lived across the street from us for awhile. The morning my Mom fell and broke her legs I was leaving to go Moms house at the same time as her daughter was picking her up to bring her to the hospital. I did not know this at the time but wondered why someone was going to her house so early in the morning and why was someone in my way when I was in such a hurry. I ran into Miss Bernice at the emergency room that morning and a day later found she was a few doors down from my mom and I visited her.
At some point after this I came home one day to find her unloading bags of rocks and spreading them across the front of her driveway with a 2x4. She was tired of the huge mud puddle across the driveway. I went over with a shovel and hard rake to help, not that she needed any assistance. She never liked our neighborhood and more specifically her next door neighbors. I was sad when she moved and missed seeing her but happy that she found a nice place to live where I hear she was happy.
Her daughter works at Dillard and her grand daughter has been a student of the professor. Small world. She died of breast cancer.


Jul. 6th, 2010 09:47 pm
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(to the melody of Beth by Kiss)
Luna I hear you calling
But I can't feed you right now
It’s only eight o’clock
And you don’t eat till nine

Just one more hour
And I will come feed you
Yes I hear you calling
Oh Luna what can I do
Luna I can’t feed you

You say you feel so hungry
That your bowl is never full
I’m always late with dinner
And you’re always waiting at the bowl

Just one more hour
And I will come feed you
Yes I hear you calling
Oh Luna what can I do
Luna I can’t feed you

Luna I know you’re hungry
And I hope you'll be alright
'Cause I really won’t feed you till nine
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My common-law spouse has been encouraging me to go with her to swim laps at the UNO pool. My first time I managed 7 laps gasping for air after each length. Since then I have improved a bit, up to 15-18 laps usually 15. 18=half a mile. I have been wearing flouncy swim trunks and an OLD sport bra. The bulky trunks were not helping me out at all so I purchased a ladies one piece swim suit which no one will ever see me in except for the professor. It worked miracles today. I swam 18 laps in record time and felt much better in the water, my stroke felt better and I could have done more laps but my partner was finished so I was happy to stop. I sure hope I keep this up. The hardest part is getting to the gym.
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Today is Christmas for my family. My mother was too sick to for us to "do" Christmas in December so we are doing it today. She is way better but still needs alot of care which my father provides. I know he is worn out but I don't know what to do about that. When my job finishes in a week I plan on spending time with them and will give my father a hand. Meanwhile I could use a break myself. I want to sit still a bit, do some work around the house, do ALL the laundry, pet luna...
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, twoofspades sent to me...
Twelve kittens drumming
Eleven queers thrifting
Ten dildos a-flirting
Nine blackeyes fisting
Eight tattoos a-snuggling
Seven books a-spooning
Six lesbians a-role-playing
Five chu-u-u-ubby girls
Four thrift stores
Three full moons
Two other girls
...and a tolerance in a sex-positivity.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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Paducah says that momma is still doing well.

she is at:

P. Thompson
Lourdes Hospital
Room 140
1530 Lone Oak Rd.
Paducah, KY 42003

if anyone wants to send a card
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I spoke with Paducah Jen today. She says that while momma is still sick she shows no signs of peritonitis, her kidneys that were having some trouble are now working fine and her heart shows no signs of damage. She still has a pretty bad case of pneumonia and of course has to recover from the major surgery but things are looking up. She is now in a regular hospital room a few doors down from her sister who also had surgery recently.

Prayers and all around good thoughts are still welcome.
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Paducah Jenn wanted me to tell folks that Momma is in the hospital. Pop brought her in Saturday night where they discovered that she had a perforated ulcer, peritonitis and pneumonia. She had surgery and came thru it well, but still has many hurtles to cross. She is currently in ICU. She has a long road ahead of her and needs everyone's prayers, candles lit, whatever it is you do in times like these please do it.


Oct. 20th, 2009 08:37 am
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this last round with my mother has thrown me, all of us for a loop. i don't know how we are going to deal with her. she can't put weight on her broken ankle and she fell while using a walker so she sure can't use crutches. that means a wheelchair. I hope she can learn and has the strength to transfer in and out of one. my father is SO lost. he just keeps moving one foot in front of the other but she was JUST showing some small improvement from the back surgery and now this. he is so sweet to her and does everything for her. six weeks no pressure on the ankle. i just got a job and work 12 hours a day in an office that is fraught with tension and stupid people. I really need to work and I really need some more credits for my resume. the job will last until mid december. I can do anything for two months. I feel guilty for not being able to help my parents though. I do have three brothers but I feel like I bring a different kind of comfort to my mother and father. I also have this wonderful girlfriend who i would like to spend sweet time with without feeling guilty about not being with my mom. that sounds really fucked up. i guess what i mean is that i don't have enough time to do both and it's hard to get the mother stuff out of my head so i can be totally present with my sweetie. my friends have all offered to help in any way they can and it really is a help just knowing that they care and if i need a shoulder they are there, they really can't do anything else. they can't go sit with my mother, they can't spend sweet time with my girlfriend. well they can but that ain't the same thing. Luna needs to be held everyday so maybe someone can come be her nanny but that isn't something i would ask of anyone but M. I am rambling just kinda lost, not knowing what's the right thing to do. I feel bad going to work today but not unhappy not to be going to the hospital. my brothers are going to have to figure out how to give him a break. i guess we are going to have to hire some aids to come help. i know they are not going to like that. this is hard stuff and it might get harder.
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Another night at the hospital. Mom seems better. I am wondering if she gives my father more trouble than she gives me...I really don't want to get into the dynamics of their 56 years together.

Here's to BETTER! YAY!
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Yesterday afternoon when I left the hospital I was thinking that the tie-dye underwear worked. She had a hard morning but really perked up a little later, she was joking and moving pretty well. I had hope that she was improving. Daddy stayed with her last night and said that she was up all night, couldn't get comfortable and was bitching with the nurses this morning. I kinda think that if she is bitching then maybe she is feeling a little better. I will take a shower and head up there for another night soon. I washed the tie-die underwear to wear again today.

On the way home last night I had to stop in LaPlace to take a nap. I then took myself to the Death-house and had a steak. I then watched some bad TV and fell asleep on the Professor.
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This is a very abbreviated update, very few of the many details. It might not make much sense.

Mom was released from the hospital last Saturday afternoon (Sept 5), four days after a double spinal fusion. In the days after the surgery she seemed to improve a little everyday. Things went downhill shortly after we got her home. We brought my mother back to the hospital last Tuesday (Sept 8) after three days and nights of excruciating pain. I can't describe how much pain she was in or what it looked like. She saw her surgeon Dr. E. Wednesday, he said that he wanted to focus on controlling the pain and that he would move her back up the 6th floor where she was after the surgery for pain management and physical therapy. Thursday Dr. E came in and said that he was still trying to get her moved to the 6th floor. The rooms on the 6th floor were WAY nicer and larger than what she is in now, there is a gym on that floor and they do PT. There is hardly room to turn around where she is now. Friday Dr. I, one of Dr. E’s colleagues came in and said that Dr. E’s father had died and that he was filling in for him. He said that he wanted to move her to the 3rd floor for physical therapy, not the 6th floor. All this threw my mother for a loop. She has not improved, there are some times when she is better than others but she always comes back to the pain. Because she is on so much pain medication her digestive tract is not working so that is another thing we are dealing with.

My father and I have been taking turns spending the night with her here in Baton Rouge.
I was able to take the weekend off from being at the hospital. Dad spent Friday night and my sister-in-law spent Saturday and Sunday days and nights with her. I came home Friday and could hardly say two words to the professor because I was so tired. Saturday we woke up hung-out then went back to sleep some more. It was glorious. We then ran some errands ate Vietnamese food, went to services then to have a drink at the Sazarac Bar at the newly reopened Roosevelt Hotel. All this was interspersed with phone calls to my dad, being distracted and me crying. It is hard to change gears. I am glad we left the house and did some “normal” things. Sunday we didn’t leave the house AT ALL. The professor cooked some wonderful pork chops for Sunday supper and I baked a poppy seed cake. With the help of orangegrrl nola I ordered a new phone cause my current phone has a broken navigation button and I have to do some weird things to make it do what I want and sometimes I just can’t call who I want no matter what I do. I watched some of the Saints game and kept an eye on my fantasy team, which really sucks this year, and I don’t have the inclination to try to figure out who to drop and who to pick up. I guess it’s not my fantasy year.

I am now at the hospital with my momma who is still in pain and has not made any improvements since I was here last. She is talking out of her head, I think she is hallucinating some too reaching into the air for things that only she can see. She is asking me about a party tonight, saying, “I can pick up the cheese no problem.” She wants to wash clothes this evening as well. I wonder what she will remember of this time when she is better? I wore my lucky woo tie-dye underwear today in hopes of changing the tide over here. I will be here for the night. Here’s hoping that she can get comfortable, rest and not be in pain.

Thanks for all the good thoughts.

I stepped out to get ice for her drink and she put sugar on her dinner…


Sep. 1st, 2009 06:51 pm
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Momma is out of surgery and in recovery. We are in her hospital room waiting for her to come from recovery. The surgery went "as expected" and she did well. Doc says she will be in pain but different from what she has been experencing. My Dad will stay with her tonight and I will return to the hotel room hopefully to finally get a good nights sleep.
I have eaten at Copeland's twice in 24 hours. I am hoping for something different for dinner.
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and support.
Now pray that the Professor doesn't find a roach in the house tonight.


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